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PostSubject: Kidnap   Sat Jul 07, 2007 12:32 am

Three years ago, Yang’s brother was kidnapped and killed. The case was handled by Inspector Madam Ho, who is known for her sharpness and intelligence. After the traumatic experience of losing her brother, Yang now faces the horror of losing her husband, Liu who has cancer. When thinking of how to get the money to pay for his medical expenses abroad, Yang remembers the Police's procedures in her brother’s kidnap. Feeling desperate and helpless, she decides to risk it all, to plan a kidnap. Her target is Tycoon Wong Sam’s seven-year-old son, but she had captured the wrong captive. She accidentally captured Ho’s son. Strangely to Ho, the kidnappers seem to be able to read the Police’s mind, predicting their move and turning the negotiation process into a psychological battlefield. As the Police loses track of the kidnappers time after time, they are in fact getting closer to find out the real identity of these criminals. At the most crucial moment when the truth is to be revealed, Ho begins to lose her mind as time draws on. She is even going to risk her career and use the kidnappers’ ways to deal with them.

(Source: Golden Screen Cinemas Sdn. Bhd.)

Release Date 5 July 2007
Language Cantonese
Classification U
Running Time 1 hour 41 minutes
Director Law Chi Leung
Cast Rene Liu, Karena Lam, Cheung Chilam, Cheung Sui Fai, Ella Koon.
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